Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New to Python (and blogging)

I shall begin at the beginning... I am a Junior in an undergraduate program in Mathematics and Computer Science, I have just gotten a programming internship for the summer. What does this mean? That in the endless sea of knowledge in the programming world I am about two feet deep.

But that's OK. In this blog I will be sharing my new gained knowledge of programming, whatever sundry topics they may be, and ask for opinions and help as well. So, on to my first content.

For this internship I was informed that I will be using Python. I have never used Python seriously before. The closest I have come was dabbling in Ruby, which is pretty sweet, I must say. If anyone out there is looking for good Python resources this is the site. After nosing around on it, I personally recommend Quick and Painless Python Tutorial by Norm Matloff, if you are familiar with other languages, such as C++. Once you have dabbled in Python a little (btw, I am using Context now as my text editor, could I use Eclipse?) Dive into Python might be for you, it tackles some more language specific stuff, that is slightly more advanced. incidently, other than installing the package on's site, I recommend Active Python if you are using Windows, it's free and it allows you to execute your programs on the command line. (Of course all of the above links are to free stuff, I am a college student!)

I will let you know how my Python adventures go, one thing that has intrigued my is Regular Expressions, I haven't looked at them, but from my experience with Ruby, they seem like a must-have. delving more into this later. Also swirling around in my head are questions about GUI's and other tools used with Python, Python in .NET, Iron Python, etc. the list goes on and on, and it seems only hours of scanning the web will satiate my quandaries.

Any useful comments? thoughts? code snippets that might be helpful...